P.S.I and HT Press Release

If you aren't looking for a ‘one-night stand’ but a long-term partnership, and you prefer a modern sports coupé to a compact car, you’ll feel right at home at Performance Sales International (P.S.I).

The P.S.I. auction is the brainchild of two genuine horsemen, Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle – and over the past 30 years, it has evolved into the world’s most successful private auction for outstanding competition horses. The 34th P.S.I. auction, with a catalogue of 50 hand-picked dressage and show jumping horses, takes place in Ankum on the 7th and 8th of December.

They’re all former P.S.I. horses: Legolas – currently with US Olympic rider Steffen Peters, Fine Time – ridden by British dressage team gold medal winner Carl Hester, Der Stern – one of Olympic dressage rider Isabell Werth’s youngsters, Lennox – partner to the fastest female Portuguese Olympic rider, Luciana Diniz, Lantinus – who jumped for Ireland with Denis Lynch at the World Championships, and Castle Forbes Cosma – a brilliant addition to recently crowned French European Champion Roger Yves Bost’s string.

These are just six of the 1,700 horses that have found new owners and fans around the world at the 33 P.S.I. auctions.

P.S.I.’s success is no coincidence and is due to the efforts of Kasselmann and Schockemöhle who embody international top level equestrian sport. They aren’t just expert horsemen who can recognise a good horse at first glance, they also move in global equestrian circles and have built up an absolutely unique network of contacts. Both enjoy bringing successful combinations of horses and riders together and following their progress. Both also enjoy top quality competition horses. Mediocrity is a word that doesn't exist in their language. “We had some excellent horses in the catalogue at our first P.S.I. auction in the 1980s. All of them had been brought on professionally and they were led around by ladies wearing evening dresses in the final parade. We also brought out the champagne,” recalled Kasselmann. “We've always focused on style and quality, right from our very first auction. And we've remained true to that motto up to the present day.”

The P.S.I. organisers’ own sources of excellent auction horses are another reason why the auction is such as success: “At our first auction, we bought in most of the horses that were sold. Today, the majority of auction lots are horses that we've either bred or brought on ourselves,” said Schockemöhle. “Breeding our own horses gives us an immense advantage because we know them very well and we’re able to start a targeted training programme when they’re still foals, which helps us to ensure excellent quality.”

Style, quality and own-bred horses, professional expertise and first-rate contacts are the foundations of the P.S.I. auction – complemented by an excellent after-sale service, which includes organising the horses’ transportation to anywhere in the world, insurance covering the entire purchase price, comprehensive veterinary documentation and, if required, post-purchase training for the rider and the horse. Ultimately, the horse and rider have to be a good match if they’re to be successful long-term partners.

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