Online Training FAQ

1. How do I benefit from online training?

Well, it’s as if you are sitting with your coach at home after a show to revise your course on video when everyone is relaxed; and ready to listen, analyze and plan a road map for improvement.
You can show your competition course to your online coach, and he’ll discuss details with you and insight on how to develop along with your horse. He will also suggest a road map for work and strategies that lead you to better communication and better understanding with your horse through a variety of steps, such as, but not limited to:

• Special exercises and grid to develop certain points in your training.
• Developing balance and seat positions.
• Better communication with your horse.

2. How can I book a training program?

First, you need to register with a valid email address. After validation you can login to your account and book the program.

3. How can I pay for the training program?

You can pay for the program by either VISA or MasterCard.

4. How many times can I book the training program?

There is no limit in re-booking the program as long as you feel that you need more guidance, you can continue in booking our sessions and HT Coach will be happy to guide you in all your equestrian skills' needs.

5. Can I see my old/expired programs?

Yes, go to your orders, scroll down you will find a history of all your previous and current sessions for your reference.

6. How can I initiate first contact with my coach?

1- After logging in
2- Go to your account's home.
3- Expand the box containing the newly booked sessions.
4- Start the first session.
5- Add an introductory text note or embed a video or both.

7. How can I upload videos in my note for my coach to see?

You cannot upload videos on HT site, but you can embed the videos uploaded (unlisted) on any streaming platforms, preferably YouTube.

8. How to upload an unlisted video on Youtube?

First, you need to have your video ready and logged into your google account.
1- Go to
2- Click on your profile photo (in the top right corner)
3- Click on "Your Channel"
4- Click on "Create"
5- Click on "Upload Video"
6- Drag you video into the YouTube Upload window or just click browse for your video.
7- In Details section, add Title, Desc, ..., check on "No, It's not made for Kids", then check "No, don't restrict my video for viewers over 18 only", make sure to check "Allow Embedding", and uncheck "Publish to subscription feed and notify subscribers", then press "Next".
8- In Video Elements section, just press "Next".
9- In Visibility section, check "unlisted", and then "Save".
10- A window with the video URL will pop up just close it.
11- Click on the video to preview it on YouTube.
12- Click on "Share"
13- Click on "Embed" <>
14- Press "Copy" to embed in your session note on HT website.

9. How can I embed videos in my note for my coach to see?

1- Go to your video on your YouTube channel.
2- Click on "Share"
3- Click on "Embed" <>
4- Press "Copy" to embed in your session note on HT website.
5- Go to your note on HT website and paste it in "Your Video Here".

10. Will other people be able to see my training videos?

As long as you check the "Unlisted" option in the "Visibility" section while uploading your video on YouTube, then no one except the ones who have the link of the video can watch it.

11. If I send questions after sessions are over – how will coach know?

After all the sessions are expired you cannot add a new note, but if your sessions are not expired, you can add your note in the next session.

12. How do I ask for a zoom meeting to chat with the coach?

In "add a note" link, you can find a button to request a zoom meeting from your coach, please note that for time zone differences, it might not reach the coach instantly.

13. Do I get any certificate that I had this training?

As soon as you successfully finish your training sessions, you can request your certificate through
An e-certificate of training attendence with your trainer's comment about your achievement within the training period will be issued and signed jointly by your trainer and HorseTimes and sent to you by email.

14. How do I ask for help if I can't follow up with the software and I had already paid for my sessions?

For any questions, please contact the following emails:

15. Can I cancel my registration if I did already pay the money?

You can cancel your training service booking by contacting HT team through only if no sessions have been started and you will be refunded for the paid fees. As soon as the first session starts, you are no longer able to cancel your training service booking.
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