Bowe, one of the leading providers of irrigation systems for riding halls and outdoor riding arenas, has joined German Horse Industry (GHI) as a new member in May. In the past ten years, the company has emerged as one of the leading brands in Germany and is now looking to expand to international markets. “We consider our cooperation with GHI a great opportunity to establish our products and brands beyond the borders of Germany. We are happy to now become an integral part of this network,” stated Frank Böhmer, Managing Director of Bowe Beregnung GmbH.

Some time ago, Bowe expanded its portfolio with energy-efficient, high-performance LED lighting systems. The company’s range of products now includes lighting systems for riding halls and stable lanes, but also solariums. “All things that come from above are connected in our customers’ minds. We kept getting inquiries for lighting systems, and now that we are able to offer a very good solution, that’s exactly what we do,” Böhmer continued.

“Bowe is a very solid company with an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality and service. Their products are an excellent addition to our portfolio, and Bowe will certainly be a great asset to our network. We look forward to working together,” said Ina Gläßer, Managing Director of German Horse Industry.

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