With the British Open done and dusted it’s time to turn our attention to the next high-goal event on the international polo calendar, the 44th Land Rover International Polo Tournament in magnificent Soto Grande, Spain, hosted by the Santa Maria Polo Club.


From 28th July to 29th August, the most important polo tournament in continental Europe hosts 24 teams from 14 different nationalities. One hundred players, including four of the world top ten, will play 120 matches in 31 days to achieve the three disputed Cups, the Bronze, Silver and prestigious Gold.  Rated by the World Polo Tour as a Championship Cup tournament, there are the coveted ranking points to be earned by the winners as well.


If you have been too busy in Sahel to pay attention, the Copa de Bronce went to Ayala Polo Team 10 to 9 against Sanctus on 13 August, while Dubai took the Copa de Plata on 18 August against Lechusa Caracas 14 – 8.   Team Dubai (Rashid Albwardy, Martín Valent, Alejo Taranco and Adolfo Cambiaso) unbeaten so far and likely to secure a place in the semi-finals is well-positioned to make a good run at the Gold.  HT




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