For the Love of Horse Racing

As the sun comes up on the New-market heath, it reminds me why I chose this life. Horse racing is not a job, it's a lifestyle. It is not a game you play once in a while: when you're in it, you're in it.

And I love it!

On Christmas Eve, it feels like the world slows down just for a little bit and that is great; it brings back childhood memories. But by Boxing Day it's all systems go again.
As a trainer, I focus and I think forward; ammunition for 2016 is key. First step, fill up every box at Saint Wendred's , that is my goal that I'm always working on whilst getting some runners ready to debut on the All - Weather.

At the same time getting the yearlings ready to slot into their 2 year-old regime. It's exciting!

The unseasonably warm weather makes the high tech heated insoles from Santa unnecessary at the moment. Great! The days are getting longer as well, kind of :)

From our family to yours I wish all readers Peace & Prosperity

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