Morocco Royal Tour: Italy Emanuele Gaudiano before two ex-n°1

Via R&B Presse


The first part of the day was mostly dominating by French and Moroccan riders (victories of Marie-Eugénie Angles and Hicham Kacha in the CSI1* classes, then Charles-Henri Fermé in the first 3* class), the first competition with a high stake, qualifying for the Grand Prix of Sunday, saw a duel between two former world number ones… who got plit by an Italian!


It was a selective round, confessed France Simon Delestre, 3rdIt’s all you can expect with Uliano Vezzani as the course designer”. This selection was made by the time given: rightfully planned, riders were pushed to gallop faster, causing numerous faults. Anyway, to win, you must finish as fast as you could. For a long time, it seemed that Pius Schwizer, atop Balou Rubin, sealed the deal with a perfect round, with all short options and turning sharp. Simon Delestre who came after him with Gain Line, his new mount from Ukraine and with whom he participated in his third international competition, couldn’t manage to do better. We thought that it was it: of the two former world number ones, it seemed that Pius was the best this night. But Emanuele Gaudiano and Carlotta 232 showed different!


Neither Pius Schwizer (“it will all come down on Sunday”) or Simon Delestre were disappointed: “I’m qualified for the Grand Prix and it’s all that matters today. This show is incredible: everything is technically perfect, the stables, the quality and size of the arena, it’s a great competition to prepare a young horse like mine”, concluded the Hermes rider.


The second day of the Morocco Royal Tour ended in the night with Italy’s anthem with full stands at the Royal Guard, an amazing site for a great competition.

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