Horse Times Magazine Launches An Online Training Program Due To Covid 19

Starting Febraury 1st, Horse Times magazine will be launching an online training program with Arno Neessen. This training project will work perfectly with the Covid 19 circumstances where you can train without having to travel or communicate face to face with someone. 

 The sessions will open allowing the embedding of trainee’s videos for instructor to review who will reply back by his instructions videos containing comments over the trainee’s video.

It’s as if you are sitting with your coach at home after a show to revise your course on video when everyone is relaxed; and ready to listen, analyze and plan a road map for improvement.
You can show your competition course to your online coach, and he’ll discuss details with you and insight on how to develop along with your horse. He will also suggest a road map for work and strategies that lead you to better communication and better understanding with your horse through a variety of steps, such as, but not limited to:

• Special exercises and grid to develop certain points in your training.
• Developing balance and seat positions.
• Better communication with your horse.

Arno Neessen, (born 1953, Panningen, Netherlands), is a professional showjumper and accomplished equestrian trainer noted for his achievements as a rider at the Junior National level, World Championships, Grand Prix level, and Nations Cups, and for his extensive experience as a top trainer at home and abroad.

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