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André Sakakini

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- Trainer: International Show-Jumping Trainer
- Type of Online Training: One-on-One Video Training
- Number of sessions: 6 sessions / 6 weeks
- The sessions will open allowing the embedding of trainee’s videos for instructor to review who will reply back by his instructions videos containing comments over the trainee’s video.
- Price: 200 EUR

HT International Showjumping Trainer

Horse Times :Equestrian Int'l  Trainer :André Sakakini
André Sakakini

Equestrian Int'l Trainer

André Salah Sakakini (born 23 May 1957) is an Egyptian equestrian with Four Olympic Participations.
André Sakakini grew up with the dream of becoming a professional rider. Being from Alexandria, he began riding at the age of 10 at Alexandria Sporting Club. It was soon obvious that he had the talent for the art of ridingwithin him, and this was proved by the titles that he gained. For three years in a row, Sakakini won the junior championship, followed by a couple of years in grade B, and then five years in a row he was the grade (A) champion.
At the age of 25, Sakakini was driven by ambition and persistence to give his dream a serious chance, and he took off to Europe to go professional. He first went to Italy for a year, where he won a big Grand Prix ‘The President Cup’. This achievement was a good start for him, and it fueled him up with even more determination. After that he moved to Belgium, where he trained with Nelson Pessoa for a year.
Sakakini finally settled down in Germany, and he realized that ‘this was it’, this was the chance he had been waiting for to prove himself to the world of riding. He started by training young horses and eventually selling them as well as training young riders to build himself a base and to keep his sport going. It was very hard for him in the beginning. He was independently trying to stick to his dream, in spite of the fact that there were no available sponsors at the time to help him economically, and most importantly, no family to support him morally. Along the way life got easier, and André Sakakini proved his abilities as an international rider, and won several events around Europe and big Grand Prixs, as in Rayon and Vienna.
Now, Sakakini pursued the professional career of producing and bringing up showjumpers to compete in International shows and events. He Conducted several private clinics in showjumping and private training in Italy and Switzerland Sponsored by several major companies (i.e.: Stardust, Tamoil..Etc.) In International tournaments.


Olympic participations:
- Athens 2004
- Sydney 2000
- Barcelona 1992
- Seoul 1988

Sakakini Awards:
- Junior champion 3 years in a row (1973-1974-1975).
- Senior champion, second division, 1976.
- Senior champion, first division, 7 years in a row (1977- 1984)
- Senior champion on the first, second and third division in the same year with
three different showjumpers.

- Started participating on International events on an independent basis upon moving to Germany 1985.
- Competed in the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany in 1987.
- Participated in four Olympic Games, in Seoul 1882, Barcelona 1996, Sydney 2000 and finally Athens in 2004.
- Competed in the World Equestrian Games of Stockholm 1990 and Rome in 1998.
- Awarded Horse of the year in Hessen race in Germany, on the Olympic horse “Getaway” in 1993.
- Won first place in the Grand Prix of Merano, Italy in 1987.
- Won first place in the Grand Prix of Royan, France in 1990.
- Won first place in the Grand Prix of Vienna, Austria, in 1992.
- Won first place in the Master Class of Vienna, Austria in 1992.
- Won first place in Westphalian championship in Germany 1994.
- Won third place in the Grand Prix of Wiesbaden in 1994.
- Won third place in Hamburg Derby in Germany 1994.
- Two Silver medals in the Pan Arab Games 1999 (Individual & team)
- Won third place in the Grand Prix of Falsterbo, Sweden 2000.
- Won Second place in the Grand Prix of Spangenberg, Germany 2000.
- Won First place in the Grand Prix of Donaueschingin, Germany in 2000.
- Won two trials of two Olympic Qualifications in Aachen 2003.
- Won First place in the Grand Prix Catolica in Italy 2011.
- Won First place in Championat of Weisbaden 2011, Germany.

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