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It was “mission accomplished” for the Belgian team in Budapest, Hungary today where victory in the seventh leg of Europe Division 2 looks set to have earned them a place at the inaugural Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping Final in September as well as promotion to Europe Division 1 next season. A total of 14 countries lined out for the marathon competition which went right down to the wire as the Belgians were locked in combat with Germany in the closing stages. And it fell to experienced Belgian anchorman, Dirk Demeersman, to clinch it in the end with the only double-clear performance of the day from Bufero van het Panishof.

Germany finished just a fence behind but the rest were a long way further adrift, with Austria slotting into third ahead of Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Slovakia in joint-fourth while the Russian team lined up in eighth place. Only those eight teams returned in round two, the host nation missing out on the second-round action by just a single fence. Hungary’s Emil Orban and the 14-year-old Lacapo produced one of those precious first-round clears but when one of the 16-fault results collected by both Sandor Szasz (Great Pleasure) and Gabor Szabo (Timpex Cabale) had to be added to the four picked up by anchor partnership Laszio Toth and Isti, then their 20-fault first-round total was just too big to make the cut.


The 12-fence track created by German course-designer Werner Deeg proved plenty difficult for many of the teams in the early stages, and there were just nine clears in the first round. Elimination for the pathfinders of both Belarus (Yahor Morotski and Wacantos) and Romania (Aron Jakab with Mephisto) hampered their country’s chances while the Ukraine, who stepped in with a three-member side due to the withdrawal of Denmark, could not post a first-round finishing score when second-line rider, Marina Vinnichenko, retired with Heltzapoppin.

Belgium and Germany were already in a tussle for the lead at the halfway stage with three clears apiece leaving them both on a zero score, while the Austrians were next in line carrying nine and the Bulgarians, despite only fielding three team members, were sharing fourth spot with Slovakia carrying just 12 faults. Poland, Italy and Russia all made it into the second round with 16 faults each.


And the Germans and Belgians slogged it out to the very end. Belgian pathfinder, Pieter Devos, followed his opening clear with a single mistake in round two with Dream of India Greenfield while second-line rider, Gregory Wathelet, matched his four faults picked up in round one with the eight-year-old Sea Cast Forlap. Wouter Devos, on his Nations Cup debut, mirrored his brother’s result when following a first-round clear with Tonik Hero with four faults second time out, so Belgium was carrying 12 faults before Demeersman returned to the ring.

Meanwhile Germany’s Sebastian Karshuning and Tequila followed their first-round clear by double-faulting at their second attempt so when Markus Brinkmann (Pikeur Lux), Maynou Diederichsmeier (Goldstar) and Jorne Sprehe (Quidam’s Cherie) each left a single pole on the floor then the final German tally could be no better than 12.

Only another clear from Demeersman could reduce the German tally to eight and prevent a two-way jump-off now, and as he set off, the experienced 48-year-old veteran looked completely determined. The 12-year-old Bufero van het Panishof gave a huge leap over the open water en route to a second fabulous foot-perfect performance and the only clean sheet of the day. It was the perfect early birthday present for Demeersman who will turn 49 on Monday.


Belgian Chef d’Equipe, Kurt Gravemeier, was well-pleased with the result from a whole range of perspectives. "I'm very happy because we will now go up to the first league (Europe Division 1) next year and this is my first season as Chef d'Equipe for the Belgian team. I was very happy with Wouter Devos, because this was his first Nations Cup and he did a very good job" he said. And of course he was delighted with Demeersman’s contribution. “Dirk was the only rider to jump double-clear here today” he said with some satisfaction.

Demeersman commented - “I enjoyed it. It wasn’t my first time here – my last time was 13 years ago. It was my fourth time overall and I therefore knew what to expect.” And for Wouter Devos it was a very special day. “This was my first time to compete with my brother and it went really well!” he said.

The showgrounds located in the heart of the Hungarian capital city came in for a lot of praise from the riders and team managers today. “The footing was good and the show as a whole was really nice” said Belgium’s Gregory Wathelet, while Chef d’Equipe Gravemeier added “we had good sport here today, the ground was perfect and there was a super course designer. They are very nice people here in Budapest and they have been very kind to us.”

With four legs left to run, Belgium now heads the Europe Division 2 leaderboard with 421 points followed by Sweden in second with 320 and Norway in third with 273. The Europe Division 2 series now moves to Bratislava in Slovakia on Friday 2 August.

For further information on the 16th leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2013 series at Budapest, Hungary go to website or contact Press Officer Nora Zajonkovsky, Email /

There will be two legs of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series taking place on Friday, 2 August. Hickstead (GBR) hosts the penultimate leg of Europe Division 1 while Bratislava (SVK) stages round eight of Europe Division 2. For further information on the British fixture check out website or contact Press Officer Victoria Spicer, email . For details of the Slovakian fixture go to www.csiosk

Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2013 - Round 16 at Budapest (HUN)


1. Belgium 8 faults: Dream of India Greenfield (Pieter Devos) 0/4, Sea Coast Forlap DC (Gregory Wathelet) 4/4, Tonik Hero (Wouter Devos) 0/4, Bufero van het Panishof (Dirk Demeersman) 0/0.
2. Germany 12 faults: Taquila (Sebastian Karshuning) 0/8, Pikeur Lux (Markus Brinkmann) 8/4, Goldstar (Mynou Diederichsmeier) 0/4, Quidam's Cherle (Jorne Sprehe) 0/4.
3. Austria 29 faults: Emir vh Moleneind (Dieter Kofler) 1/13, Royal des Bissons (Astrid Kniefel) 4/8, Texas (Markus Saurugg) 4/12, Connycor (Stefan Eder) 8/0.
4. Poland 36 faults: El Camp (Lukasz Koza) 4/12, Wavantos vd Renvillehoeve (Lukasz Wasilewski) 12/4, Osadkowski Van Halen (Piotr Morsztyn), Centino du Ry (Igor Kawiak) 4/4.
4. Bulgaria 36 faults: Quinlan 2 (Ivaylo Bonev) 0/8, Al Pacino (Ruslan Petkov) 8/0, Cartina (Angel Nyagolov) 4/16.
4. Italy 36 faults: Caldia (Federico Ciriesi) 8/8, Lucky du Reverdy (Nicolo Montini) 8/8, Coeur Blesse Z (Matilde Giorgia Bianchi) 4/4, Onnyl des Seruois (Antonio Maria Garofalo) 4/13.
4. Slovakia 36 faults: Quax (Monika Noskovicova) 4/20, Pinocchio (Monika Stangelova) 0/8, Cento (Andrej Holly) 8/8, Chieano (Radovan Sillo) 12/8.
8. Russia 44 faults: Chambertino (Vladimir Tuganov) 8/4, Like You 2 (Sergey Khomashko) 4/20, Aleqs (Olga Chechina) 4/12, Littlefoot (Vladimir Beletskiy) 16/12.
9. Hungary 20 faults IN FIRST ROUND: Great Pleasure (Sandor Szasz) 16, Lacapo (Emil Orban) 0, Timpex Cabale (Gabor Szabo) 16, Isti (Laszio Toth) 4.
9 Czech Republic 20 faults IN FIRST ROUND: Zidande P (Ales Opatrny) 4, Calata (Zdenek Hurska) 8, Elton von Rocherath (Kamil Papousek) 21, Luka's Ninja (Zuzana Zelinkova) 8.
9. Belarus 20 faults IN FIRST ROUND: Wacantos (Yahor Morotski) Elim, Carmelita (Yasil Ivanou), Challenger 37 (Maksim Kryna) 4, Clooney (Ibragim Vaskov) 8.
12. Greece 25 faults IN FIRST ROUND: Nabab Landelies (Yiannis Skandalis) 31, Cleopatra (Monika Martini) 12, Alerio (Stellos Stavroulakis) 9, Casimir de la Pomme (Alexandros Fourlis) 4.
13. Romania 65 faults IN FIRST ROUND: Mephisto (Aron Jakab) Elim, Vienna (Ionut Ursache) 25, Quickborn (Razvan Bozan) 28, Lara Crof (Andy Candin) 12.

//.Ukraine: Nifrane de Kreisker (Ference Szentirmai) 8, Heltzapoppin (Marina Vinnichenko) Ret, Wisconsin (Oleksandr Onischenko) 24.

Detailed results here


Budapest in Hungary presented round 16 of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2013 series and the seventh leg of Europe Division 2.
14 nations lined out in today's competition.
8 teams qualified for the second round.
Today's winning team from Belgium looks set for promotion to Europe Division 1 next season even though there are still four legs of Europe Division 2 to run.
The remaining rounds will take place in Bratislava (SVK) on Friday 2 August, Gijon (ESP) on Friday 30 August, Arezzo (ITA) on Friday 6 September and at Kiev (UKR) on Friday 13 September.
The inaugural Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2013 Final will take place at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona, Spain 26-29 September.
Course designer in Budapest today was Werner Deeg (GER).
The winning Belgian team included brothers Pieter and Wouter Devos.
It was a Nations Cup debut for Wouter Devos.
There were five eight-year-old horses amongst the 54 that started in today's competition and one was on the winning Belgian side - Sea Coast Forlap DC which collected just four faults in both rounds for second-line rider Gregory Wathelet.
Just one double-clear in today's competition - from Belgian anchorman Dirk Demeersman riding Bufero van het Panishof.


Pieter Devos (BEL) - ‘The ground was very good. We are happy to be here. The course designer did a good job – we had good sport today”.

Gregory Wathelet (BEL) - ‘It was a pleasure for me to compete here. My horse is one for the future. I was happy to compete with my team as they were really good”

For further information on the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series check out this link




Dirk Demeersman and Bufero van het Panishof sealed victory for Belgium at round 16 of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping series in Budapest, Hungary.

Photo: FEI/Krisztina Hajdu.

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