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Sunny Hale set the pace for Ploy Bhinsaeng’s Asia team (Ploy Bhinsaeng, Marina Garlaza, Robin Lourvanij and Sunny Hale), with a first round 9-4.5 win over Europe I (Princess Anna Oetting-Wallerstein, Claire Donnelly, Sarah Wiseman and Christine Thome), but seemed to have lost the magic in their second day of competition.

Team Europe I took a commanding lead into the second half over Asia, leading 4.5 goals to 1. Team Asia’s struggled to get back into the game, but it wasn’t happening. Europe I rode off with the win, 5.5 to 2 levelling, Team Asia and Team Europe I in points.

The second match of the day saw Europe II (Zeka Dornbiova, Lucy Taylor, Sabine Schaffer and Lucie Dowie) take on UAE (HH Sheikha Maitha, Marianela Castagnola, Sandra Schneider and Helen Tatham). Europe II came into the second day with a 5.5 goal advantage at the beginning due to the rating system.

“It is going to take a little bit more horse power to claw back the 5.5 goals to Europe B but we will do our best,” said UAE’s Marianela Castagnola before the start of the game.
In the opening chukker Europe II held UAE to a 4.5 goal advantage until the third chukker when UAE came back to lead by 6 to 5.5.

At the end of the third period Europe II gained a half point by scoring in the last seconds of the period. Team UAE then brought out fresh horses and showed their talent, riding on to an 11-7.5 win. Sheikha Maitha led all scoring with 5 goals.


UAE was victorious in the first International Ladies Polo Tournament held in Dubai with a 6-1.5 win over Team Europe I.

Team Europe I came in the second place followed by Team Europe II in the tournament, held over four days at the Desert Palm Resort.

The first ladies polo tournament in the region was organized under the patronage of Sheikha Maitha, the daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and captain of the Emirati team.

The Sheikha Maitha’s horse, Pancho was named Best Playing Pony. The tournament was sponsored by Ralph Lauren Corporation in collaboration with the Dubai Cares charity organisation.

Photo via Equestrio Arabia


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