By Sanne Weger and Paul Kievit / PK-Photography

Just like every year Jumping Amsterdam presents top sport, entertainment and Amsterdam itself. For the 55th time the capital of the Netherlands is host to top international dressage and jumping riders. They enjoy their stay at the Amsterdam RAI, complimenting the Dutch public due to their ongoing equestrian enthusiasm. The full programme and the more than 50 stands make visiting the event worthwhile and one of the largest in the Netherlands.


Jumping Amsterdam is known for its strong field of competitors in the World Cup Dressage, with the Grand Prix Special on Friday and the FEI Reem Acra World Cup Dressage on Saturday. Because of the fantastic spectators and the entourage the World Cup returns to Amsterdam for more than half a century now. Many enthusiasts buy the special passé-partout as not to miss anything anymore during this long weekend of “Horse Mania”.


Over the years many special shows have been conducted to get the spectators on their feet. In 2009 the ‘London Mounted Metropolitan Police’ which normally performs during the annual ‘Olympia Horse Show’ in London made their debut on the European mainland. In 2010 the world famous Frenchman Jean-Francois Pignon entertained the audience with his fairytale with horses. In 2011 the audience was surprised with the super-fast Scurry ponies. In 2012 the ‘Flying Frenchman Lorenzo’ was invited to entertain the visitors with his spectacular show. In 2013 it was Mario Luraschi that came over to the Amsterdam RAI; this former movie stuntman was responsible for the taming of many horses, some of them even played roles in famous movies like Bandidas, Black Beauty and Lucky Luke. In 2014 it was the Hungarian Puszta that was invited to entertain the spectators in the RAI. The Hungarian trainer Melie Philippot took over ‘Luma the Ponylion’. The little pony and his trainer have been partners since Luma’s age of three. This adorable little pony, dressed up like an actual Lion, stole the hearts of all the visitors but especially of the children, a great success once again.


In both jumping and dressage disciplines a very strong field of riders started with Charlotte Dujardin and Edward Gal as leaders of dressage. Dujardin on ‘Valegro’ scored a total of 93.975% during the 2013 Olympia Horse Show, a World Record in Freestyle. Gal on ‘Undercover’ ended in second place with a total score 87.425%. Besides Gal and Dujardin, Dutch riders such as Hans Peter Minderhoud on ‘Glock's Romanov’, Laurens van Lieren on ‘Ulysses la Haya’ and Katja Gevers on ‘Thriller’ were competing. Other strong competitors from abroad where present such as German Isabell Werth on ‘Don Johnson’, Spanish Alexandra Barbançon and the Swedish rider Kristian von Krusenstierna.

The four London 2012 Olympic silver medallists Gerco Schröder, Marc Houtzager, Maikel van der Vleuten and Jur Vrieling were all present.
Further appealing Dutch names are Harrie Smolders, Albert Zoer and father and son Voorn were also competing. Pieter Devos, the Belgian winner of Spruce Meadows 2013, Jos Lansink, Manuel Fernandez Saro, the three Whitakers John, Michael and Robert, Dennis Lynch, tDaniel Deusser and Marco Kütscher were as well, amongst the competitors that made ‘Jumping Amsterdam’ shine.


This part of the programme was for non-Dutch young talents. Out of the 14-membered Rabobank Talent Team, one member was picked as the most valuable. This person was judged by the public, national coach and the media representatives. This year’s ‘Rabo Talent of the Year’ was the 19 year old Frank Schuttert. Last year Frank already showed his talent by winning the ‘Price of Amsterdam’ during ‘Jumping Amsterdam’.


For many young Dutch boys and girls it is a dream to follow the footsteps of the likes of Anky van Grunsven or Jeroen Dubbeldam. Jumping Amsterdam made a bridge towards top sport with the ‘Novotel Jumpertjes’ kid’s morning. It was a way to show children how accessible equestrian sport is. The programme contained competition elements with a lot of action and speed. During the ‘relaus on Sunday morning an international or national rider and a youthful pony talent made a team. They had to go over the obstacles as quickly as possible. On the start list of this very popular rubric a few famous Dutch names appeared: Jeroen Dubbeldam started together with his daughter Nina and also Robert Vos and his son Thijmen participated. This year’s winners were Mart IJland on his pony together with Sjaak Sleiderink on his horse.


Named after the most expensive and luxurious street in Amsterdam, the PC Hooftstraat, a visit towards the exclusive ‘PC Hooftstraat Pavilion’ was a true experience!
This year everything themed for Art, Glamour, Luxury and Lifestyle. Metropolitan allure met the hot chic impressions of rural living. During, all new luxurious trends were presented and present. Colourful paintings, unique sculptures, new gadgets, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs and floors as well as jewellery and outdoor fashion.


Another special part of the PC ‘Hooftstraat Pavilion’ was the exposition of life-sized Art horses called ‘Jumping Amsterdammertjes’.During ‘Jumping Amsterdam’ 2013 the ‘Jumping Amsterdammertjes’ were a great success, all unique pieces of art were sold on the spot. For this edition, Artist Jose Loeviera made a few new life-sized horses and new smaller examples which were of a jumping horse on top of an Amsterdammertje (Typical bollards that are only present in het city centre of Amsterdam). The small(er) pieces of art were painted on by all kind of Dutch artists.


The 58 year old British jumper John Whitaker won another big prize, this time the ‘Anemone Horse Trucks Grote Prijs van Amsterdam’. In the saddle of the twelve year old muscled horse Argento (v. Arko III) Whitaker showed the young generation how to ride a barrage. Dutch Champion Gert-Jan Bruggink sent his phenomenal horse Primeval Dejavu (v. Heartbreaker) to second place, while Alex Duffy was placed third.


During the fifth part of the ‘FEI Reem Acra World Cup Dressage’ regnant Olympic and European Champion Charlotte Dujardin was unbeatable. Edward Gal with Glock's Undercover (v. Ferro) ended second, and Anna Kasprzak with Donnperignon came in third. The Freestyle music that Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro conjured in front of a full house at the RAI was of very high level. The transitions were without exception fine. In the rankings of the West-European League of the Reem Acra World Cup Edward Gal is in second place, just behind the Swedish Amazon Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfvén. Isabell Werth who was placed fourth during ‘Jumping Amsterdam’, is in third place.


The ‘Provincie Noord Holland Prize’, jumping 1.45m, is a rubric prior to the ‘Anemone Horse Trucks Grote Prijs van Amsterdam’. This year’s edition was won by the Dutch rider Maikel van der Vleuten. He started with his ten year old gray mare ‘VDL Groep Eureka’ (v.Chin Chin) and came across the finish line during the barrage in 29.11 seconds.


On Saturday evening the whole RAI was fully booked and not one seat was free during this event. Eight combinations, five of them were Dutch, got further to the barrage of the ‘Anton Ebben Memorial Price’. Finally the Swiss rider Theo Muff with his Dutch bred horse ‘Zenita Bo’ (v.Padinus) grabbed the victory. Muff started as first and got a flawless combination, all other riders got penalty points.


Piet Raijmakers Jr. ended as second last year and now won this year’s edition with his horse ‘Van Schijndel's Eclips’ (v.Winningmood van de Arenberg). He was the only jumper that completed a flawless round over the 1.95m during the ‘Stoeterij Sterrehof Six Bar Prize’.


The 56th edition of ‘Jumping Amsterdam’ will be held from the 22nd until the 25th of January 2015. We hope to see you all at Jumping Amsterdam!!


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