Egypt's 'Tahya Masr' Results: CSI1*- W Alexandria, Egypt

Competition 4: Table A, Two phases Acc. to Articles: 274.5.3 (140 145 cm) big Tour



Day 1 Results on the 3rd of Septmeber:

First place for Amr Gamal, number 5, riding CAMBRIDGE 

Second place is for rider number 10 Mahmoud Noor Eldinand and his horse is LOUSIANA

Number 8, Mounaf Aljabri comes in third place with MISS CONTENDER



Competition 8: Table A aginst clock Acc. to Article 238-2.1 (140 - 145 sm) Big Tour



Day 2 Results on the 4th of September: 

Mounaf Aljabri wins his first place with MISS CONTENDER

Second place is for Mohamed Taher riding WUELLMA

And third place for number 5, Amr Gamal,riding CAMBRIDGE 


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