From November 8th 2015 to January 3rd 2016


This year again, the Christmas enchantment will set up under the dome of the Great Stables, for the delight of children and adults. Fantastic tale, The Beauty and the Beast’s poetry will mingle with the magic of equestrian art that takes hold of each representation given at the Museum of the Horse. This is an immutable tradition in Chantilly: for each Christmas its new equestrian show.


This year, from November 28th, the Great Stables’ riders carry us into the universe of one of the fairy tale that has rocked our childhood, with “The Beauty and the Beast”. A fantastic story, tender and poetic revisited by Virginie Bienaimé: “After the death of their father, Belle and her sisters had to sell all their goods, leave town and its splendours to seek refuge in a thatched cottage in the countryside and lead a life as peasant.


Their cottage was located on the edge of a forest known to be malefic: The Forest of Mysteries. According to the legend, those who dare venture there were never seen again. The young woman used to ride horse through the surroundings fields and meadows.


One afternoon, surprised by the storm and lightning, Belle finds herself lost in the heart of this forest and made a strange encounter...” Equestrian feats, acrobatics, horse in the wild will be combined for an hour on the riding arena of the dome to amaze young and adults. The new staging of Virginie Bienaimé looks again full of promises for the end-of-the-year holidays ideal for the dream and wonderful.



Idea, creation and staging: Virginie Bienaimé

Equestrian direction: Sophie Bienaimé

Costumes designer: Monika Mucha

Light control: Sophie Justin

Decoration designer: Michel Blancard

Dressage in liberty: Pierre Fleury and his Highlands

Aerial acrobate: Soizic Nadreau

With Sophie Bienaimé and the Great Stables riders:

Cristina Garcia-Rios, Elodie Jacquet, Nathalie Lecoultre, Morgane  Michot, Mathilde Pouteau and Caroline Vitry.





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