Hello horse lovers

We all know that daily check on the horse is essential, So as a habit I usually check on all the horses in Equicare Riding Center, one by one. To make sure they're in their normal behavior and to spot any abnormalities.

Spotting any change in the horse even if it’s a slight change could save them from desperate pain and illness. It’s very important to start controlling and treating any change, illness or infection from the beginning.. The earlier you discover any illness, the better your horse will heal.

Today I found a young male horse “Colt” lying on the hay in his box. His name is “Blacky”. Basically it’s normal for horses to lay down every now and then, but that doesn’t mean the checking on him was not necessary.

So I got closer to Blacky and start checking his (TPR)(Temperature, Pules Rate, Respiratory Rate)

It’s important to start with the respiratory rate because any excitement for the horse either it’s stress or happiness will change their normal respiration and my results will not be accurate

- Blacky’s Respiratory Rate :  30  b/m  ✔️
Normal rate for foals ( 20 - 40 ).
Normal rate for adult horses ( 8 - 12 )

-Blacky’s Heart Rate :  62 P/m     ✔️
Normal rate for foals ( 60 - 80 ).
Normal rate for adult horses ( 40 - 44 )

-Blacky’s Temperature :  37.5 C
Normal rate for a Horse ( 37.2 - 38.5 ).

That was great, Blacky was totally fine, So I left him to enjoy his small nap once again, and I was feeling comfortable after the check up.

That was our tour for today, Stay tuned for more information about all our horses in Equicare Riding Center. Have a good day

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