Hello Horse Lovers,

Today I was doing the usual daily horses’ check up at Equicare Riding Center to make sure everything is going fine with them.As I was checking our new horse “Beethoven”; I found out that he didn’t feel so good.

So I got him out of the box and started examining his breath, temperature, joints and tendons. Then I started trotting him to spot any lameness and actually he had a slight lame on the left front limb

That's why I began to do the flexion test on his limb. This test is applied to every joint separately to spot the exact joint which causes the pain. “Beethoven” had a slight pain on his fetlock joint.

The fetlock joint is the joint above the hoof, and it is a joint articulation between the trochlea of third metacarpal (cannon bone), the proximal phalanx and the proximal sesamoid bones; it allows flexion and extension movements.

The treatment is going to take 3 days of rest plus 3 days of anti-inflammatory drug to remove all the inflammation in this joint and to make it easier to get sound again.

And that’s all for today, hope you've enjoyed the blog. Stay tuned for updates three days from now to check out the results of the medication.

Have a good day 


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