Antello Z put down after Liverpool International injury

Via: horseandhound


Cameron Hanley‘s 13-year-old Antello Z has been put down after suffering a serious injury in today’s 1.45m two-phase class at Liverpool International Horse Show.

Cameron posted to his Facebook page: “With unbelievable sadness I let you know that my partner Antello Z had to be put down today due to an injury sustained in the ring.

“He was such a fighter and he never quit, I had some of my best days in the ring with him, he brought me and those of us who were lucky enough to work with him so much happiness.

“He will always be in my heart, I loved him so much. R.I.P. my friend.”

The horse looked spooky in the first round of the competition, before appearing to become distracted by the crowd during the jump-off. He crashed through an oxer, falling on to his knees on landing and pitching Cameron over his head. Cameron was uninjured in the fall.

Antello Z then cantered around the arena with blood visible on his near foreleg before exiting the arena into the tunnel, where screens were erected and the horse ambulance summoned. The horse was taken to Leahurst equine hospital for further assessment.

Show organiser Nina Barbour said: “We offer our heartfelt and sincere condolences to Cameron, his support team, the Hanley family and all connections of a truly wonderful horse.”

When H&H spoke to John Whitaker following this morning’s incident, he said: “it puts a dull shadow over everything. It’s a real shame but it can happen. It’s a really sad day for the horse and Cameron”.


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