What are your goals, dreams and ambitions for 2022?

My main goal for this year is to do well at all the Rolex Majors and the other Rolex Grands Prix; they are my main focus. In addition, I am aiming for the FEI World Equestrian Games TM and the FEI World Cup™ Final. I have some incredible horses so I will aim to use those for the bigger Grands Prix and Championships. I also have some lovely young horses that I am looking forward to bringing up through the levels.

How does it feel to know you made history by winning consecutive Rolex Grands Prix at CHI Geneva in front of your home crowd?

It is always amazing to win a Rolex Grand Prix, but to win one back-to-back, and in front of my home crowd made it so much more special to me. Leone Jei is such a young horse as well; it was certainly a very big win for me!

Do you think that Leone Jei could be the next Clooney 51?

I do not compare them; Clooney 51 was the most successful horse in the history of Swiss show jumping. So, I really cannot expect to have the next Clooney 51 straight away. However, I do think that Leone Jei has shown that he has all the qualities and I think that he is one of the best horses on the circuit right now.

Looking ahead to The Dutch Masters next month; which horses will you compete with, and who have you selected for the Rolex Grand Prix?

I will ride Chaplin in the Rolex Grand Prix. He is in very good form, and I think that The Dutch Masters will really suit him. I am planning to take Leone Jei to the bigger outside rings, such as CHIO Aachen, as I think that they suit him better.

Which horse and rider combinations do you think have what it takes to win the Rolex Grand Prix at The Dutch Masters?

I don’t think that there is one specific combination. At every Rolex Grand Slam Major, you find the best horse and rider combinations, and therefore everyone there has a chance to win. In my opinion that is why the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is so special and unique. I think that our sport is different from most other sports, it is much harder to win regularly or back-to-back, as we work with animals which makes the sport so unpredictable. This makes winning the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, like Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos did, such an incredible achievement.

How did your partnership with your owner Adolfo Juri came into place?

Adolfo owned horses for my uncle, Markus [Fuchs], for more than 20-years. When Markus stopped riding, Adolfo moved his horses to another rider for a few years. After that he moved his horses to me, which was a very nice gesture, and we work very well together. He has been incredibly supportive of my career, and I am very lucky to have him as part of my team. He and my other owner [Luigi Baleri] get along really well and are very supportive of each other.

Tell us a little bit about your current stable of horses and their personalities… Which of your young horses are you most excited about?

Obviously, Leone Jei is a spectacular horse. He has an amazing mentality and is very ambitious – he always wants to try his best. Sometimes, that does make it slightly harder because he has so much blood and is so keen, I have to try and keep him as calm and relaxed as possible. Chaplin has already won so many Grands Prix, and he has such an amazing character. He is a very special horse to me. Conner Jei is very talented, but he can be a bit tricker than the other horses. He won the Rolex Grand Prix of Dinard last year, and I am planning on taking him to the FEI World Cup™ Final this year. The Sinner is also one of best horses currently and is very capable. These horses have already won many 5* Grands Prix between them and I feel very lucky to be able to ride them.

I have four very nice young horses. Commissar Pezi is a nine-year-old, and I am currently competing with him out on the Sunshine Tour for the first time. He looks very promising, he has a great jump and attitude – however he is very green for his age, but I am still very excited by him. Viper Z and Diva Van Het Cauterhof Z, are eight-years-old and they are also both with me on the Sunshine Tour. They have both jumped really well so far, Diva [Van Het Cauterhof Z] has jumped 15 rounds and has not had a fence down yet. Pina Van De Moerhoeve is my seven-year-old and she has been jumping a lot of the young horse classes out here. I have been having a lot of fun on the Tour, I am not jumping the biggest classes, but I am really enjoying bringing the young horses up through the levels.

They are all giving me very good feelings, but it is always difficult to know whether they are going to be my next 5* winning horse. However, they have a lot of quality and have jumped a lot of clear rounds – so I think the future is looking promising.

How do you plan which shows you take your horses to?

I plan my shows around the Rolex Majors as they are my main priority. I decide which horse I am going to take to which show based on their form and their strengths. Then, when there are no big shows on, I like to bring out my young horses and give them some experience jumping in some smaller classes.

How is Clooney 51?

He is very good. He gets ridden every day as it is good for his shoulder to keep active. He gets to go out on hacks and goes in out in the field – I think he likes retirement! We are just so pleased to have him home and for him to be in such good shape.

At CHI Geneva, you had someone making crepes outside your horse’s stables. Can you tell us about that?

He is my friend from France. He likes to come to the shows and take care of me and my grooms. All of the riders like to stop by in between classes to have a snack!

What keeps you motivated and hungry for success?

For me the special partnership between horse and rider is so exciting and keeps me motivated. Each horse is different every day, and I really enjoy spending time with them. When you work with a horse every day to improve and your work pays off at a big show, it is so rewarding.

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