>> The Perils Of Show Jumping Sport - 9


After many miles, many modes of transport and much stress we are finally here!! All the effort, sweat and tears (and that was just Sam;)) are now forgotten as the team focuses on the most important week in their careers to date. But then lately every competition we go to seems to be more important than the last!!

The morning of the trot up the stable blocks was a riot of colour and noise as every nation paraded their outfits and their horse power - some stronger in some area s than the others - the Australians’ outfits to me won best turned out - really nice outfits and rugs with kangaroos everywhere - taking the jumping theme to a different level!!

The Dutch brought their own sunshine to the event with their fluorescent orange rugs and jackets....

The Brazilian’s had lots of green on show.

Zorro looked super smart in her black and red trimmed rug - us redheads know there’s nothing like a little black dress to make a girl feel special hehehe!!

The Egyptian horses did us proud - trotting with their best hooves forward and all passed with flying colours.

There is now a nice team feeling in the barn - the riders Sam, Abdel, Karim, Nayal and Mohamed (Maldini) are all settled in together and the atmosphere is jovial - with a lot of joking around usually at each other's expense!!

Today starts the first real introduction to it all with a warm-up class to let the horses in the arena to see all around - just lacking a few thousand spectators and bigger fences of course!!!!

Good luck to everyone this week - anyone who got here deserves our respect - let the battle commence :)) x



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